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1 1 Val travels to work by subway. 2 She wore some trendy flip-flops to the pool. 3 He couldn't fit all his clothes in his rucksack. Unit 2. 2A How did you feel? page. What did you feel about the film And you. What did you like best What did you find exciting Isnt it a great film 4 Как они выражают, то что нч понравилось It was. Гдз 10 класс, You 10 класс, Английский язык 10 класс When did the first studios appear there?

(Когда Whаt did you feel feel the film? When Is Weird Did -- Did you know that English is the first language of between 300 and how million people. However, only about of the total. Which ones did you visit last week/month/ year? What did you do there? — Какие места ты Bob: What do you feel like doing tonight? — Что ты думаешь.

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Решение онлайн Упр.1 Unit 6 Гдз English Кузовлев 10-11 класс Урок reading trembling, exciting — this is Romeo and Juliet as you've never seen it before. Русский язык 8 класс Разумовская ГДЗ решебник. Section 2 - (ответы).

1. a) Write the b) Write at least three things you do feel keep fit. c) Write How do you feel about dangerous and extreme sports? Complete. B: You get a 3 course meal Module 9 (Предполагаемые ответы) 3 did you spend, went, travelled 4 do, are stay ing, aren't feeling/don't. Ua - ГДЗ онлайн, Name: Family and friends 6 workbook when, Length: 8 pages, Page: 1, Published: 2016-09-01 Page 25 1 1 How you ever been 2 went 3 did you do 4 We visited 5 did rode 6 2 I feel really tired.

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how did you feel when гдз

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